My most favourite instrument in the world is the bass. I still audibly grunt and shout ‘woah!’ at a great bit of slapping and popping. And someone who I’ve been following (and grunting a lot to) is ‘MonoNeon’. You can see some of his mastery on Instagram, where he often posts videos of himself playing bass. My words won’t do them justice, so go and listen. I’ll wait.

Anyway, I am beyond excited to say that MonoNeon has also been playing with Prince. Something I hope to one day witness (please come along to hold me up when that happens).

Anyway, having been a fan for a while, I decided to create a portrait that captures his unique style. As per my style, I kept it as simple as I could, but had real fun using the luminous colour palette. I may even screen print the portrait with luminous ink. Hmmm…

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