So many great things happened during my trip to Paisley Park last weekend. A highlight was being given a studio tour and behind the scenes insight with Joshua Welton.

During the tour he previewed the album at the mixing desk, allowing us to hear the individual stems featuring a full orchestra, before blasting the first few tracks on the crystal clear sound system. A real treat.

His sheer energy and enthusiasm was infectious. He was as much of a fan as me – even though he was the Producer of the album. At one point we geeked out a little on seeing some instruments which were so key to the ‘Prince sound’—a Linn Drum (think of the drum beat on 1999) and also an Oberheim synth (used on many things including the intro to Let’s go crazy.) I audibly showed my enthusiasm at seeing both. ‘This guy knows!’, exclaimed Joshua as he pointed across the studio at me.
© Paisley Park / NPG Records

© Paisley Park / NPG Records

It was great to meet Joshua and get an understanding of the album I was part of. During our chat I promised him that I would create a ‘many faces’ style portrait of him. It was only fair as I’d done one of the rest of the band, including his wife, Hannah Welton.

So without further ado, (I’ll tell the full Paisley Park story in another post), here’s the pic of Joshua. With and without his shades.

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