I’ve loved Breaking Bad since I first saw it on Fox, way back in 2009. On completing the series (which I’m now re-watching for the fifth time), I wanted to create something as an homage to the show.

It’s not something I’ve done before, and I’m also aware of just how much ‘fan art’ is all over the internet when a show as gripping as Breaking Bad hits our screens. But I wanted to make something I’d be happy to put up on my walls at home. So I set upon creating something which didn’t hero the drugs (in an obvious way) or the people that made and sold them.


The science behind the design

For me, the show was about the science of change and transformation. And I wanted to bring some of that science to my creativity. I’m also a huge fan of simple, classic graphic design–so I created a scientific design grid that’s based on the periodic table. This split the page into a 18 x 9 grid system that would be the basis for each design. All measurements of type, shape and form connected to this grid.

I then chose elements (more science) from the show that, although simple, have a lot of meaning behind them. This meant I could create something for the fans who have seen it without giving away anything to those who haven’t. And also depict the chosen themes and elements with simple shapes that, along with the type, fitted the grid. It was an interesting experiment that got me back to my design roots, with each choice of colour, type and shape being crucial. Rather fitting that they have an air of old school science book design about them too. Here’s the first six: ‘RV’, ‘Blue’, ‘Stash’, ‘Knock’, ‘Watcher’ and ‘Bear’.

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